HERBERT VON AREND (German / 1910-2011)

Herbert von Arend studied at the Bauhaus from 1928-1932 under Albers, Klee, Kandinsky, and Stözl. Von Arend was born in Qingdao, China, where he lived until he was nine. Like so many Modernist artists in Nazi Germany, Herbert von Arend was forbidden to exhibit or even create works of art between 1933 and 1945, and did not restart his artistic career until 1950. In 1973 he returned to one of his earliest loves, textiles. He had studied weaving under Gunta Stözl, and now began to create extraordinary and beautiful tapestries, often drawing on motifs from his Bauhaus days. Our silkscreen by Herbert von Arend (of which we have two of the 50 signed and numbered copies) also revisits his Bauhaus days, being a variation on a drawing of 1932.

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