KAROLY ANDRUSKO (Serbian/Hungarian / 1915-2008)

Károly Andruskó was born in Senta, Serbia (then in Yugoslavia), of Hungarian origins; although he was born, lived, and died in Serbia, he is often regarded now as a Hungarian artist. Andruskó began as a typographer, but moved to the woodcut and the linocut, both in colour and black-and-white. His colour works tend to be landscapes, while his strong black-and-white cuts concentrate on the life of the working class. In later years he specialised in miniature woodcuts. Károly Andruskó died in Magyarkanizsa, Serbia, in 2008.

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Selected prints by KAROLY ANDRUSKO

Dorfgasse, 1969
Flussufer, 1969
In der Dorfschenke, 1969

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