HORST ANTES (German / 1936-)

The painter, printmaker, and sculptor Horst Antes was born in Heppenheim in 1936. From 1957-1959 he studied at the Karlsruhe Academy (where the wood engraver Hap Grieshaber was among his teachers), returning to teach at the same institution from 1965-1973, and again from 1984-2000. Horst Antes carried forward the momentum of German Expressionism into the era of CoBrA and Pop Art, influenced also by American Abstract Expressionists such as Willem de Kooning. In 1962 Horst Antes won the Villa Romana Prize in Florence, and the following year he won the Villa Massimo Scholarship in Rome. In 1966 he was among the German exhibitors at the Venice Biennale. Horst Antes shot to fame in the 1960s with his depictions of strange "head-and-foot" beings (Kopffüssler), which were inspired by the Native American kachina dolls of the Southwest. Our lithograph by Horst Antes shows two of these kopffüssler, in a classic work by this noted artist; there is a copy of the same lithograph in the permanent collection of MoMA in New York. See: Bernd Lutze, Horst Antes: Werkverzeichnis der Lithographien, 1976; W. Haberland & H. Antes, Kachina: Kachina-figuren der Pueblo-Indianen Nordamerikas, 1980.

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