JOSEF ENGELHART (Austrian / 1864-1941)

Josef Engelhart was born in Vienna in 1864. He studied in Vienna, Munich, and Paris. At first a strong advocate of naturalism, by 1900 Engelhart was a co-founded of the Vienna Secession, alongside Carl Moll and Gustav Klimt. Josef Engelhart's career, which began in 1884, was fully launched at the International Jubilee Exhbition at the Vienna Künstlerhaus in 1888, when the works he exhibited caused a great stir, in particular his genre painting Die Banda (also known as Die Burgmusik and as Militärmusik). To create this naturalistic, almost journalistic image, Josef Engelhart set up a studio in a soda-water stand in order to capture a lifelike image of the Vienna underclass enjoying the music of a military band. Servant girls and servants mingle with pimps and petty criminals in this lively scene.

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Militärmusik, 1888

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