LAWRENCE ALMA-TADEMA (British / 1836-1912)

One of the quintessentially British painters of the late nineteenth century, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema was actually born Lourens Alma Tadema in Dronrijp in the Netherlands, and only came to England in 1870, after studying at the Royal Academy in Antwerp. He incorporated Alma into his surname in order to appear at the beginning of exhibition catalogues, rather than down among the T's. His dreamily romantic but highly detailed evocations of life in the Ancient World were supremely popular at the time, and exercised an influence on Symbolists such as Fernand Khnopff. The work of Alma-Tadema then fell completely out of favour, before coming back into popularity in the late twentieth century.

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Idyll, 1879
Etching •SOLD

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