ANTON ALBERS (German / 1877-1915)

Anton Albers, sometimes called Anton Albers the Younger to differentiate him from the earlier German/Swiss artist Anton Albers; to make matters worse, there was also a later Pennsylvania School artist, Anton P. Albers, Jr. Our Anton Albers was born in Bremen in 1877. He studied at the Kunstakademie Karlruhe under Gustav Schönleber. Anton Albers spent time in Paris and Rome, and travelled to Greece and Egypt. He was noted especially for his mastery of the colour woodcut. Anton Albers' promising artistic career was cut short by WWI, and he was killed in action on the Russian front in 1915.

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Selected prints by ANTON ALBERS

Die Rhede, 1902
Wood engraving
Dame an der
Nähmaschine, 1900
Wood engraving

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