STEFAN EGGELER (Austrian / 1894-1969)

The Austrian Symbolist/Expressionist printmaker Stefan Eggeler was born in 1894. He studied at the Fine Art Academy in Vienna, and began publishing etchings in 1914; our fine mezzotint self-portrait was made in 1915, so captures this exceptional artist at his youthful peak. So far as we can tell most of Stefan Eggeler's important work was done in the first decade of his artistic production. This includes an extraordinary set of Goya-esque etchings illustrating Gustav Meyrink's Walpurgisnacht in 1922. Stefan Eggeler's often transgressive art did not survive the rise of Nazism, and although the artist himself lived until 1969, he does not appear to have resumed artistic production.

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Selbstbildnis, 1915

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