ALBERT ARDAIL (French / 1865-1914)

Albert Ardail was born in Paris. His father was the master printer in taille-douce Adolphe Ardail, who worked for all the great printers of the second half of the nineteenth century: Chardon, Salmon, and Porcabeuf. Albert Ardail studied printmaking under Charles Waltner. We have interpretative etchings by Albert Ardail after François Boucher, Auguste Rodin, and Paul Chabas, as well several originals, including an etched portrait of his father, and a wood engraving, probably a self-portrait. Albert Ardail was active in the Société corporative des graveurs sur bois français, and its journal L'Image.

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Selected prints by ALBERT ARDAIL

Un masque, 1890
Adolphe Ardail,
imprimeur, 1901
Le Livre de Figures, 1902
Wood engraving •SOLD

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