PAUL RENOUARD – Harmonie en vert doré, rose et violet, 1892
Sheet size: 260x210 mm
Image size: 240x180 mm
Edition: 275 – Unsigned
Lithograph from the portfolio La Danse. Printed by Charles Gillot on thin China paper tipped onto a large backing sheet (520 x 370 mm). These lithographs were made as a collaboration between Renouard and the printer. The portfolio describes them as "dessins transposés en harmonies de couleurs"; in other words Renouard, who was essentially a black-and-white artist, entrusted his drawings to the printer Charles Gillot, who interpreted them as colour lithographs. There were 275 copies on Chine and 20 on Japon, after which the stones were effaced. This is copy 216 of the copies on Chine. Condition: Excellent.